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Darin Leonardson

Director of Hospitality and Dining
Golden Living


Darin Leonardson is Golden Living’s new Director of Hospitality and Dining. In this newly-created, dynamic role, Darin brings his flair for flavor and freshness to Golden LivingCenters across the country.

Food is important to everyone; it’s part of our culture, socialization and a way of showing love to others. Darin joined the Golden Living team to enhance the dining experience for our patients and residents everywhere.

We believe that dining at a Golden LivingCenter should be much like dining at a hotel, restaurant or other hospitality setting – appetizing, delicious and all-around enjoyable. As a professional chef with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality market, Darin is transforming the dining experience at Golden Living. By combining exciting flavors with wholesome nutrition, he’s sharing his love of good food with thousands of patients and residents every day.

Before joining the company, Darin was with One Eighty, where he was the Corporate Food and Beverage Manager for 38 Leisure Care properties around the world. Prior to that, he was Executive Chef at The Bellettini, a Leisure Care property in Bellevue, Wash. Darin has also worked for Google as General Manager and Executive Chef and as an executive chef for a variety of restaurants.

We invite you to visit one a Golden LivingCenter near you to experience Chef Darin’s newest creations. Bon appétit!